One month on is Log4Shell the calm before a Ransomware storm ?

By Vista Insurance Brokers in Industry News

What is it?

Log4Shell is a so-called zero-day vulnerability — named as such since affected organisations have zero days to patch their systems — that allows attackers to remotely run code on vulnerable servers running Log4j, which developers use to keep a record of what’s happening inside an application as it runs. The vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2021-44228 and was given the maximum 10.0 severity rating, meaning attackers can remotely take full control of a vulnerable system over the internet without any interaction from the victim — and it doesn’t require much skill to pull it off.

Who’s affected?

Since the news of Log4Shell first broke, the growing number of victims suggests thousands of big-name companies and services are likely affected by the flaw. Many of these companies have been quick to act. The Apache Software Foundation, which maintains the Log4j software, released an emergency security patch, as well as mitigation steps for those unable to update immediately. There are also a number of third-party mitigations available. However, given the wide-ranging nature of Log4Shell, and the likelihood that ransomware will follow, this is likely to be the calm before the storm. Patching or mitigating the vulnerability should be at the top of every security team’s priority list.


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