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There are many reasons for you to consider joining the MPBA today, not only to improve your own influence, but the influence of your sector against increasing pressure from the wider construction industry. All industry sectors that stand together grow together. The MPBA has the expertise and resources to provide the voice of the industry to those that need to listen; not being limited to, but including those that make legislations and regulations, and those that directly influence the purchase or hire of modular and portable buildings. 

What can we offer individual members in addition to a voice? 

The Modular and Portable Building Association is the voice of the industry, and we are passionate about transforming the construction landscape. As a member we can help you solve business problems, connect you to new customers and suppliers, and make your voice heard.

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For more information or details of how to join contact us now on 02475 901938 or email kate@mpba.biz