New entrants

The modular and portable building industry is no different to any other skilled trade, in that it need to ensure that there are new entrants to the industry each year to ensure that a skills shortage is not experienced. 

Until recently, there has not been a specific entry point into our industry, with experienced workers joining from complimentary trades, where as younger entrants would be required to enter the industry with a learning path of a specific element, such as joinery or plumbing. 

Working with several other industry players, the association developed an apprenticeship trailblazer specifically for our industry. This was approved for delivery in 2019 by the Institute for Apprenticeships and the MPBA is currently working towards approval as an approved registered training provider to deliver to members. 

As an alternative to the apprenticeship the MPBA has introduced an in house training program, this is the equivalent to a formal apprenticeship leading to a level 2 NVQ qualification.