Industry Involvement

The Modular and Portable Building Association is the UK’s leading trade Association representing the interests of the industry for volumetric buildings.  As such, it provides a forum for organisations working in the same industry.

Working hard in support of the sector it represents, the Trade Association will seek to improve standards, raise safety, provide training and encourage research, as well as acting as counterpoint to evolving government policies.

Sourcing a supplier that is a member of a Trade Association is also important. For example, in the absence of a regulatory code for businesses to adhere too, the MPBA operates a code of conduct that all of its members sign up to on an annual basis. This can form part of an end user’s supplier audit and act as a minimum standard that the organisation is expected to meet.

Our Trade Association also provides a dispute resolution scheme as part of our service. In some cases, they will be able to provide experts to examine work or products if the nature of the problem is in dispute. 

Most Trade Associations work on improvements in quality, health, safety, environmental practices, and help set common technical standards for products or for methodologies of working. This can result in the publication of guidelines, information notes, codes of practice, and providing education and training for the industry They also provide a point of reference for their members and act as an important information source; information which is often exclusive to their membership.