Electrical Safety Unit Course


Modular & Portable Building Electrical Safety Unit Assessment and Card

The aim of this one day course is to provide a consistent level of electrical safety training to all that are working in depots or on sites around electrical works. This should include any staff that make cabin connections to power up either from mains supply and/or generators, and those that supervise electrical works/inspection and testing.


On completion of the course and assessment, individuals will be:

  • Aware of the dangers of electricity and the safe working practices for electrical connection.
  • Carry out safe isolation of a cabin.
  • Understand the purpose and process of Electrical inspection and testing.

Course Content

  1. The dangers of electricity.
  2. Electrical regulations and legislation.
  3. Safe working practices on electrical installations.
  4. Cabling and earthing systems.
  5. Limits and boundaries when working on electrical installations.
  6. Basic electrical equipment types.
  7. Risk assessments, method statements, safe systems of work and permits to work.
  8. Basic requirements of testing electrical installations.
  9. General Health and Safety.

Course Assessment

Each candidate will be required to pass a multi-choice Health And Safety test taken in an online environment under strict invigilation, and also a multi-choice Electrical Safety Assessment in a similar online environment under strict invigilation.

Outcome and Renewal

Candidates who successfully pass this course are deemed capable of working safely around electrical works and make a safe connection to a fully tested modular or portable building.

The qualification is accredited with the ECA- MPBA Electrical Safety card and certificate, valid for 3 years from the date of card issue. On the three year anniversary the holder must repeat the Health and Safety Assessment to renew the card.

Required Resources and Equipment

To undertake the course the candidates must have access to:

A training/meeting room with available projection screen and WiFi Access.

Contact us on demand for course information.