Level Two l In Service Electrical Repair, Modification and Maintenance


Modular & Portable Building in Service Electrical Repair, Modification and Maintenance

All candidates must have successfully completed course ECA/MPBA01 before undertaking the Level Two course. It is recommended that the course is taken within 12 months of completing Level One or the Level One renewal.


The aim of this three-day course is to provide the underpinning knowledge and practical skills to enable MPBA member company employees to undertake replacement, additions, and upgrades of electrical systems associated with modular and portable buildings when on site or awaiting dispatch from the depot.

Course Content

1.     Electrical Legislation and Regulations

2.     Practical Electrical Theory

3.     Circuit Design

4.     Allowable Installations (Power)

5.     Allowable Installations (Lighting)

6.     Practical Assessments

Course Assessment

During the course, each candidate will be assessed by the trainer in aspects of electrical installation on both a static training rig, and a modular building.

Outcome and Renewal

Candidates who successfully pass this course are deemed capable of adding new circuits and/or additional fittings to an existing system, or can work on a system which is on site and connected to an electrical supply, and completion of the appropriate documentation.

Note, the Level Two course does not repeat the H&S Test for card application, the date of expiry of the ECS card will not change and will be as per the issue from Level One.