Level One l Pre-delivery Electrical Condition Inspection, Testing and Reporting


Modular & Portable Building Pre-delivery Electrical Condition Inspection, Testing and Reporting

The aim of this three-day course is to provide the underpinning knowledge and practical skills, to enable MPBA member company employees to undertake the pre-delivery inspection, testing, and reporting of a portable building single module electrical installation prior to delivery to a site.


Given the underpinning knowledge, practical competencies, tools, test equipment, and documentation; at the end of the course candidates will be able to:

·       Visually inspect a range of cabin electrical installations for common visual defects, and carry out minor repair and replacement of electrical installation components.

·       Carry out safe isolation of a cabin.

·       Carry out the appropriate electrical tests, complete, and sign off the electrical pre-delivery inspection report form.

Course Content

1.     ECS required Health and Safety

2.     Basic Electrical Theory

3.     Understanding Electrical Components

4.     Understanding Installation Methods

5.     Electrical Testing Approach

6.     Practical Testing Demonstration

Course Assessment

Each candidate will be required to pass a multi-choice H&S test taken in an online environment under strict invigilation, and undertake a practical assessment completing the inspection and test of a cabin electrical installation.

Outcome and Renewal

Candidates who successfully pass this course are deemed capable of the testing of wiring systems to a pre-determined design, and completion of the appropriate document (Pre-Delivery Inspection and Test Report).

The qualification is accredited with the ECA- MPBA CSCS card and certificate, valid for three years from the date of card issue.