Integra meets new JCoP fire safety standard to stay ahead of regulations

By Integra Buildings Limited in Industry News

We've designed a new range of modular and anti-vandal units which meet the upcoming JCoP 10.1 fire safety regulations.

From January 1 2025, the guidance and requirements for fire prevention on construction sites, more specifically for the provision of temporary buildings, will be updated and implemented under JCoP (Joint Code of Practice) v10.1.

Temporary buildings being installed within six metres of a permanent building or, a building under construction or refurbishment, should be designed and constructed in line with this standard which serves to reduce the risks of fire spread on construction sites.

JCoP v10.1 will also apply to double-stacked units, regardless of their proximity to another building.

Fire safety in construction has attracted considerable attention in recent years, and the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017 prompted significant changes and a renewed focus across the industry.

At Integra Buildings, we’ve created a range of modular and anti-vandal units which meet the new requirements.

From timber framed jackleg units to some of our successful Anti-Vandal solutions, we’ve worked with the BRE (Building Research Establishment) and various suppliers to develop compliant units via panel and full-scale testing.

One of our units recently travelled down to the BRE Science Park in Watford to undergo a rigorous and detailed full scale fire test.

Our unit was tested across a range of criteria, including the fire resistance of the walls, roof and floor, and the ability to uphold loadbearing capacity in a double stacked arrangement for a prescribed period of time.

Watch this video to see timelapse footage of the test …

As one of only a small number of modular construction companies offering units built to the latest JCoP standard, we believe in exceptional quality and safety across all of our products.

Building to the latest JCoP standard means you can have full confidence that your temporary site buildings are best protecting your teams and ensuring you remain fully compliant with insurers requirements.

The JCoP is written by the Fire Protection Association and is considered the benchmark for fire safety guidance on construction projects and best practice guide for fire prevention on construction sites.

Following a series of fire testing, we can manufacture and supply units aligned to the JCoP v10.1 guidance.

Our JCoP compliant units build on the current range of Anti Vandal solutions we offer to a range of clients, providing bespoke solutions from single units to full AV modular buildings.

We’ve also introduced our ‘hybrid’ option Anti Vandal Modular Lite system which can offer large open plan areas with mid supports, where a more cost-effective open plan solution may be required.