A Positive Update On Nixon Hire's ESG & Carbon Approach Strategy

By Nixon Hire in Industry News

A Positive Update On Nixon Hire's ESG & Carbon Approach Strategy

Member Of The ERA Sustainability Committee 

Nixon Hire’s SHEQ Director, Anthony Livermore is now an active member of the Sustainability Committee, Safety Committee and Technical Committee as part of the European Rental Association (ERA). As a member of this committee, Anthony is helping to research the carbon footprint of construction equipment, developing the ERA Equipment CO2 calculator as well as producing a Sustainable Supplier Framework to raise common practices across the industry. By doing so, we’re able to adopt best practices into Nixon Hire’s operation to help us reduce our carbon footprint and improve our Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality across our Depot network.

Our Pledge To Net Zero 

Nixon Hire have signed up to ‘Pledge To Net Zero’ – the environmental industry’s global commitment to tackling greenhouse gas emissions within organisations. As part of this pledge, we recognise the need to demonstrate our leadership in this space and are taking strong actions to mitigate the most significant impacts of climate change.

Construction Leadership Council 

We have also signed up to become a member of the Construction Leadership Council and be part of their Construction Zero partnership to support and contribute to the industry project of zero carbon. This includes the commitment to and benefits of:

Nixon Hire’s ESG & Carbon Approach Steering Group

An ESG and Carbon Approach Steering Group is in place at Nixon Hire which meet every two months. All members receive relevant training with the aim of the group being to support and embed ESG and carbon reduction throughout the business. Members of this steering group also support key carbon reduction projects to help us meet the goals and objectives within our carbon reduction roadmap.

For more information, please contact SHEQ Director, Anthony Livermore ALivermore@nixonhire.com

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