Metrotile Launch Innovative New Fully-integrated Solar Tile

By Metrotile Limited in Industry News

Metrotile UK LTD, a supplier and manufacturer of lightweight steel roofing systems have launched their innovative, fully-integrated solar tile, the ‘eQube’; providing an easy to install, efficient and stylistic option for renewable energy solutions. The eQube tile, manufactured in partnership with Verditek who produce the solar cells, has been specially pressed into Metrotile’s popular Qube profile to provide an integrated, sleek solar panel that is designed to be installed all in one installation; making the process of providing solar power to homes a less daunting and more efficient task.

The benefits of a fully-integrated solar tile means it adds no additional height, therefore providing an aesthetic design whilst reducing the need for retrofitting traditional photovoltaic panels to an existing roof system. Traditional PV panels also raise weight bearing concerns to roofs, which the eQube revokes with each tile adding only 1kg to the roof – roughly 6 times lighter than conventional PV panels. The lightweight nature and ease of installation & transport makes it a viable option for providing solar power for offsite & modular construction.

From a technical perspective, Metrotile can guarantee the eQube for 25 years, whilst also offering a 10-year peak performance warranty. Each tile provides 67W of power (60 tiles for 4kwh, generating enough power for a standard detached house), providing the same efficiency per square metre as many traditional PV systems. Metrotile designed the eQube with many of the drawbacks of conventional solar panels in mind. There are 21 individual multicristaline cells per tile, ensuring that if one fails, the rest of the cells keep working. The state of the art thin-film busbar filament technology certifies the tiles as self-cleaning, with no requirement for maintenance as dirt and silt won’t stick to the panels. Another main benefit of the eQube is that it runs on daylight energy, not sunlight like many traditional panels; a major plus in the UK with the volume of gloomy days year round!

Metrotile Sales Director David Padmore stated “The eQube showcases Metrotile’s commitment to helping shape a sustainable future in the UK by providing renewable energy solutions whilst also being innovative and tackling many obstacles to make solar energy a more accessible, attractive option for homeowners. After years of rigorous design and testing, it’s an honour to have this product as part of the Metrotile range”.

If you’re interested in how the eQube could benefit you, or you require additional information, please contact the Metrotile team on 01249 658514 or for details on pricing & availability.