When you say a bespoke modular building - How bespoke can it be ?

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The answer is – as bespoke as you want – the only limit is your imagination.

We haven’t yet had a request we couldn’t meet.

Modular buildings have come a long way in recent years with the introduction of modern building methods and innovative materials providing multiple options both inside and outside of your building.

Indeed, rather than ask a few questions about your needs, and then try to match something we have in stock and hope we can make it do, GCS have turned the process on its head.

You tell us what you want, what you really, really want, (I feel a song coming on!) and if it’s buildable, we’ll design your exact requirements into your building.

A conversation with a GCS Cabins Project Manager starts with an in-depth discussion of exactly what your building will be used for, what facilities it must offer and an indication of your budget. We then get to work making sure your building uses every penny of your budget wisely and gives you a space that is fit for purpose and is the best it can be.

We talk you through your options inside and out, accommodate all your special requests, listen to all your ideas and aspirations and then throw in a few things you maybe hadn’t thought of to further enhance your building.

Your Project Manager will explain the massive range of options but to give you some idea, all the following are your choice:

You get the idea, whatever you want it’s yours. We haven’t even touched on some of the technical stuff you can put into it – office furniture, safety features, air conditioning, fire alarms, shutters, steps, ramps, SEN features, but hopefully we have illustrated that there are no boundary’s to the design of a bespoke modular building, so let your imagination run wild.

To speak with one of our project managers, call us on 01157 080 196
or contact us via the form below.

  • Building finishes – fit in or stand out, you decide, match the existing building or use corporate colours.
  • Windows – Large, small, round, square, tinted, toughened, child-friendly
  • Internal finishes – Where do we start – high-spec kitchens, washrooms, showers, sales suites, gyms, surgeries – it’s your space we just wrap it up in a great building.
  • Décor – walls, floors. Lighting. Carpets. Curtains, blinds – all your choice and in any colour
  • External Cladding – Plastisol with a choice of colour, brick slip, looks like a traditional brick building, timber clad.- all thermally efficient whatever you choose.
  • Roof – Flat or pitched and choice of tile colours
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