How to make your website and digital marketing generate more orders

By Eye Web in Article

You may already have a website, but if potential customers can’t easily find it, what use is it?

With Search Engine Optimisation combined with Social Media marketing, your website can become much more visible, resulting in more visitors, more enquiries and more margin.

Ask yourself these questions...

> Are you tracking how many leads you are getting through your website?
> Do you know where these leads are coming from?
> Do you update your website and marketing regularly to maximise the lead conversion?
> Do you know when and where customers are leaving your website?
> Is your website speaking to your specific target audiences?

Eyeweb Solutions (associate MPBA members) are an innovative website and marketing agency that understands the Modular and Portable Building Industry and creates marketing campaigns that increase organic visibility of your website. Backed by Mike Ward, the ex-owner of Portable Building Sales Ltd, who has 33 years experience in the Modular and Portable Building Industry, Mike is acting as a consultant for Eyeweb and can help you with increasing your sales and margin, without you having to undertake any of the hard work.

We have a proven history of working with industry leading Modular and Portable Building companies and have the results to prove our service works in attracting visitors and converting them into customers.

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