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Three-dimensional modular building solutions to the housing crisis

posted: 1st May 2019

As leading experts in modular and portable building processes, the Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA) supports members with advice founded on consistent research into the offsite construction industry and technical advice to enhance innovation and modular advancement. One of the current major areas for the development of offsite solutions is the residential sector.

The MPBA recognises that the best building solutions go through many incarnations in iterative processes until they morph into optimal methods and procedures. Adopting this approach, the association and its members are addressing the shortfall in quality housing stock and understand that housing markets require practical, three-dimensional solutions that deliver at scale to increase quality and productivity.

Up until recently, traditional brick and block methods have usually been predominately employed in the housing sector, but an escalating need for affordable homes that can be built at speed without compromising quality has led to a surge in modular and portable building popularity.

With the MPBA’s consistent research into modular technologies and building techniques, MPBA members have access to technical advice that helps them to remain competitive in the modular building industry, which is now worth billions of pounds. The future no longer requires the dust and dirt of traditional building sites; instead, futuristic homes will be built using components that are pre-fabricated offsite and delivered to site in volumetric format to minimise cost, disruption and hazardous risks.

Once considered the budget option for hotels and student accommodation, modular technology is now core to the housing industry, suitable for all price ranges and sectors – from architecturally designed homes to affordable housing projects.

The fourth dimension – time

A critical concern in the construction industry is poor levels of productivity, which are all too prevalent. When assessed against other industries, the disparity is obvious. As other industries have embraced and harnessed technical advancements and process improvements, MPBA recognises that the offsite construction industry can also undergo a metamorphosis by driving end-to-end delivery in the three-dimensional design, manufacture and installation of modular and portable buildings.

The MPBA’s chief executive Jackie Maginnis said: “Through modular construction, offsite building companies can revolutionise the house-building sector by introducing methods and procedures used in other industries, such as automotive and aerospace, to improve productivity and address the extreme shortage of UK homes.

“Our members are addressing the continuing shortage of UK housing and recognise the importance of developing housing solutions. Through working with the MPBA, offsite construction companies are gaining innovative insights into building vibrant, high-quality home communities to suit all budgets.”

posted by : MPBA