MPBA Technical Services

Members of the dedicated technical Committee regularly meet with the Government and regulatory bodies to manage technical issues and safeguard the industry on your behalf. The wide range of technical services offered by the MPBA are available via the website or from the association secretary please call 01686 430400 for further information or use our enquiry form.

Our technical committee always strive to ensure that MPBA members have the best and most up-to-date technical information and guidance on all legislation and statutory requirements that could possibly affect the design or use of members’ products and services.

The roles and responsibilities of the technical committee are listed below.

  • To be responsible to the MPBA Council and its Membership for guidance and creating awareness on all product performance statutory requirements and relevant user legislation.
  • To be responsible for representing the Members interests on BS EN Technical Committees, on all new Building Regulations revisions and other legislative issues.
  • To advise the MPBA Council and its Members on interpretation of new legislation, Building Regulations and other relevant Codes of Practice.
  • To prepare new or update existing MPBA Codes of Practice as directed by the MPBA Council.

Members have access to all essential technical guides free of charge. Here are some of the recommended guides produced by the MPBA.

  • Fire Rated Temporary Accommodation
  • Electrical Testing of Accommodation Units
  • The Design and Supply of Transportable Accommodation Units