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Reflect on this…EcoBrite

29th Aug 2017

Apollo InsulationEco-Brite® is the best selling Heat Reflecting Membrane (HRM) from Apollo Insulation Limited.

BBA Certified, it is a135 microns thick, composite laminate of aluminium foil, a tough polyethylene film and metallised polyester film finished with a non-tarnish coating. It prevents 96% of radiating energy passing through structures, including timber frame homes and
cabins. It also acts as an excellent vapour barrier and helps make buildings air-tight.


In recent years Apollo HRMs have gained an international reputation for quality and performance as yet un-matched by any other company supplying these types of product.

Established in 1995, the company have developed mass production techniques allowing the manufacture of tough, cost-effective membranes for the construction sector.

Colin Hawkes, Apollo’s MD says, “Our HRMs have been used successfully within the fabric of portable and static cabins, prefabricated and modular building systems associated with site, domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural uses. In combination with fibre insulation, Eco-Brite has proved an especially cost-efficient insulating method that meets the requirements of current Building Regulations”.

To see test results and the full range of membranes offered go to www.apollo-energy.com

For more information please contact:
Colin Hawks, Managing Director.
Head Office: PO BOX 200, Horley, Surrey RH6 7FU
UK telephone: 01293 776974


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