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Modular Benefits

posted: 1st May 2010

We are all aware of the proposed new Part L Building Regulations that are due to come into force as of October 2010. As an industry modular buildings are now increasing more and more in the Education sector for a variety of reasons.

Prefabricated buildings as they were known historically (and still so in many people's eyes) have not always enjoyed good press in the past. More often than not they have attracted or been associated with controversy and it is fair to say that when used in the education sector they have had their share of criticism.

Considered by many to be a poor substitute for the 'real thing' before they arrive - this has also been compounded by local authorities choosing the most basic models anticipating a trouble free building for the rest of its life. Not so today! If we take a look at what everyone is being asked to consider:

  • Sustainability
  • Reduction of Carbon Omissions
  • Reduction of Waste

Three very major factors that play a great part in the products that our industry produces today. Our industry has proven the sceptics wrong, for many years now we have been providing temporary schools and colleges, which still today remain as a permanent feature.

The current trend of off site construction is not new to the Manufacturers & Hirers of Modular buildings. For some 20 years plus the industry has been filling the need for additional Classroom facilities throughout the UK. With the current Government campaign to redevelop and rebuild the benefits of Modular Buildings can be of great assistance.


Buildings can be bespoke to suit individual requirements or standard whatever suits the client and budget, this applies to permanent or temporary. Classroom modular's used as a temporary measure can be added or removed, (dependent on design) when particular schools new build is ready this enable buildings to be reused if required.

All buildings fully comply with the required building regulations, and are carefully planned by specialist personal that has many years' experience in this type of facility. Soundproofing was an issue for many years, but with the new modern materials used this has now been overcome. The same principle applies to heating and lighting. With the limited space available, which is usual at school facilities, the advantage of modular buildings gives clients the opportunities of making use of every space available.

Planned Delivery to suit clients when there are requirements for additional or new schools. Consideration needs to take into account term times, to avoid disruption and it is always worth remembering that with modular building, ground works and production can be taking place at the same time.

Many temporary schools are required today, as an industry we have designed suitable buildings that work. The Modular & Portable Building Industry has many companies who will be able to meet the quality and needs of any project and will perform to a high standard of service and reliability.

Many suppliers of school of buildings hold a fleet of equipment, which again makes them more instantly available, particularly in an emergency. Consider all the factors and you have an ideal solution to solving your problems of new or replacement schools. If in doubt the industry is supported by its very own industry association and will answer any questions that you may have.

Article written by Jackie Maginnis for www.IE-today.co.uk