MPBA mission statement, objectives and code of conduct

Modular and Portable Building Association Mission Statement

To be the force behind the growth and promotion of the Modular and Portable buildings industry whilst acting in the best interests of its members at all times.


The MPBA abides by the following objectives to ensure complete transparency and visibility to all members and customers of the industry.

To act:

  • as an advisory body for potential clients considering modular or portable buildings
  • in the best interests of its members at all times

To improve:

  • the perception of modular and portable buildings within key business sectors

To provide:

  • a forum for all members to exchange view and ideas on matters generally affecting the industry and non-competitive information
  • all members with a social forum to network and generally discuss matters affecting the industry

To communicate with:

  • EC, National and local governments, public authorities, standardising bodies, etc., in respect of legislation and standards affecting the industry and also represent members collectively to those bodies

To work:

  •   with associate members to help develop products and services that is specific to the industry

To promote:

  • honorable and professional business practices ensuring that relations with the public are good and clients can have confidence when dealing with its Members
  • and develop and protect the interests of the modular and portable buildings Industry; using journals, magazines or other publication supporting the aims of the MPBA
  • and develop the Industry by means of exhibitions, fairs and other publicity methods
  • health & safety centre giving, guidance and advice on all  legal and regulatory developments for the industry

To assist:

  • in any proceedings by or against any Member of the Association should  the general rights or interest of the Association be involved or affected
  • with the development of standards and to ensure that where possible member companies comply with relevant standards
  • members to improve their offerings so to ensure that the UK becomes the world leader in high quality modular and portable building products

To be:

  • a research and statistical centre, to publish statistics, provide analysis on the portable and modular buildings industry and other relevant market information
  • a technical centre providing commentary, guidance and advice on all legal and other regulatory developments of relevance to the industry

Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct regulations have been setup for members to follow in their day-today practices.

A Member:

  • shall at all times conduct themselves with integrity in such a way as to bring credit to the modular and portable buildings industry
  • shall not by any unfair or unprofessional practice injure the business, reputation or interest of any other member of the association
  • shall not, knowingly or recklessly, disseminate any false or misleading information, either on their behalf or on behalf of anyone else
  • shall keep business information confidential except: from those persons entitled to receive it, where it breaches this code and where it is illegal to do so
  • shall promote and seek business in a professional and ethical manner
  • shall not use any funds derived from the institute for any purpose which does not fall within the powers and obligations of the Association and does not fall within the code
  • shall have due regard for, and comply with, all the relevant laws of the country in which they are operating


  • shall, at all times, act honestly in their professional dealings with customers and clients (actual and potential), employers and employees
  • shall not hold themselves out as having the Institutes endorsement in connection with an activity unless the Associations written approval has been obtained first

A member who knowingly causes or permits any other person or organisation to be in substantial breach of this code or who is a party to such a breach shall themselves be guilty of such breach


 Articles of the Association, Memorandum of the Association are available to members in the members area.