Classes Of MPBA Membership

Full Member

Members of the Association are companies involved with the design, manufacture, selling and hiring of buildings manufactured from timber, steel or concrete or a combination of materials. Buildings are fabricated as whole unit’s e.g.: jackleg units, containers security (vandal proof) stores and buildings or as sections of buildings that are assembled on site to form a whole unit or part of a building e.g.: bathroom or bedroom pods for hotels.

Members can be manufacturers, sellers or hirers of modular buildings.

Associate Member

This grade of membership allows companies or individuals that have dealings with, or have an interest in, the prefabricated building industry to join the Association. It provides an opportunity for people to meet members, exchange ideas, and allows our existing members to become more knowledgeable and broadly based.

Overseas Associate Member

This grade of membership is available to companies who are involved in the manufacture selling or hire of prefabricated buildings and who wish to maintain a close contact with companies in the UK and Eire or the Association. The benefit of this class of membership is those regular mailings of all minutes; Codes and Specifications, etc. are maintained. The opportunity exists for co-operation on overseas projects.


All Members will recieve a certificate as a confirmation of their membership.


pdf file Sample Certificate
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