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Lucideon Releases Guide for Testing Lightweight Steel Frame Wall Panels in Domestic Construction

posted: 6th Jul 2018

Lucideon’s latest guide is for manufacturers of lightweight steel frame wall panels.

Lightweight steel frame wall panels are load bearing wall panels which have a plasterboard interior, insulation infill and an exterior sheathing board with cladding finish.

As there is no standard covering the scope of testing required to simulate the load situations in which the panels will be used, similar standards have been adapted based on loadbearing wall tests. Adopted by industry, these tests provide a standardized test program which enables the performance of individual systems to be compared.

The challenge with all panel designs is detailing of the joints to prevent cold bridging, provide airtightness and water tightness, and maintain aesthetics at panel junctions. The program of tests in the guide incorporates these areas and will make the difference to a successful design.

Joanne Booth, business manager for construction at Lucideon said:

“Our fourth testing guide for manufacturers of products in the offsite and modular building industry is designed to looks at the performance of individual panels and takes into account the varying spans of panels.

“In addition to testing in laboratory conditions, all of the tests within the guide can also be carried out on an installed module onsite.”

Download ‘Test Specification for Lightweight Steel Frame Wall Panels in Domestic Construction’.