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Introducing the Swiftplan® Building for the Wernick Head Office Development

posted: 9th Apr 2019

The Wernick Group head office is currently undergoing a massive transformation. The £3 million development is the largest investment into the head office and work will transform the site in Wickford, Essex. 

Wernick Buildings designed and manufactured two buildings for the project. Both buildings will demonstrate the quality and scope of permanent modular buildings, while providing modern and bright office space for staff and visitors.

The first of the buildings, a two-storey PMflex®, was delivered and installed in late January. Teams from Wernick Hire and Wernick Buildings have already taken up residency in the modern, fully-branded space. You can read about the installation here

Wernick Buildings newest system, Swiftplan®, was chosen for the second flagship building. The Swiftplan® modules will make their way to site from the South Wales factory this week. As well as offering building efficiency, the system allows for greater flexibility and the addition of architectural features. 

Andy King, Deputy Managing Director of Wernick Buildings, talks about those features in Wernicks latest video.