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Lucideon can help at all stages of the design and construction process for offsite and modular buildings, from materials selection and manufacturing to installation and verification.

Lucideon’s wide-ranging testing, process and verification capabilities combine multiple disciplines to create a comprehensive and unified solution.

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Precast Concrete Modular Housing System

Precast Concrete Modular Housing System

The precast concrete manufacturer wanted to extend their existing product range to include a precast concrete modular housing system; the system incorporated an insulated concrete sandwich panel with precast insulated floors and insulated foundation.

As the new product was a huge divergence for the client, and they had no experience of design and required performance, Lucideon provided a consultancy service and specified a test program to aid the design of the system and prove the performance by testing.

The testing and consultancy provided by Lucideon enabled the client to proceed to market with third party insurance and building control sign-offs.

Testing of SIPs for CE Certification

Testing of SIPs for CE Certification

Hemsec SIPs was looking to engage an independent laboratory to support its European Technical Assessments (ETA) accreditation in order to CE mark their SIPs.

Under the ETA, there is not a BS EN test standard for Hemsec's products, therefore some of the structural tests needed to follow the protocol in the parallel standard BS EN 14509:2013. After the pre-testing consultancy stage, Lucideon carried out a range of tests, including racking, axial, compressive, four-pint bending and screw pull-out.

Hemsec were provided with test reports which enabled them to attain ETA accreditation and CE certification following factory production control auditing.

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