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Cavendish Place

For 30 years Twinfix has been providing canopies for the education sector throughout the UK. As a family owned and managed business we offer a high quality range of canopies, shelters and walkways.
When choosing a Twinfix structure you can rest assured that you are not only getting a superior product that has been manufactured in the UK, but also a level of customer service that we are extremely proud of. We are always on hand at every stage of the process to answer any questions that you may have.
The entire process from your initial quote, through to design and manufacture is undertaken by our own skilled teams. Working in schools is second nature to our highly trained installation teams. Every installer is DBS (previously CRB) checked and our site managers will ensure the installation runs smoothly and safely.
Canopies are a perfect addition to a school. Commonly used to provide addition...

Lily Lane Primary School, Manchester
Ringway Primary School Manchester
Webster Primary School, Manchester
St Stephens Community Primary School, Cornwall
Oake and Bradford
Prentergast School
Roselands Primary School, Hoddesdon
Twinfix Canopy
St Margaret
Walkergate Primary School, Newcastle
Lily Lane Primary School, Manchester
Ringway Primary School Manchester
Webster Primary School, Manchester
St Stephens Community Primary School, Cornwall
Oake and Bradford
Prentergast School
Roselands Primary School, Hoddesdon
Twinfix Canopy
St Margaret
Walkergate Primary School, Newcastle

Ashbrow School, Huddersfield “ We are absolutely thrilled with our Twinfix canopy. Visitors regularly comment on the way in which it has provided additional definition and character to our building. Your attention to our needs and wants was second to none. It has resulted in an eye-catching useful space which the children enjoy daily in a wide variety of ways. I honestly don’t know how we would manage without it. It starts off in the morning as a socialising hub before school which is quite remarkable as this area was previously always exposed to the elements. As the day flows it helps to nurture our school’s outdoor learning focus whilst providing a delightful recreational space for breaks and lunchtimes. Who could ask for more? Professional dialogue with you and your design team ensured we exceeded our own expectations. Thank you. - Dora Plant Head Teacher ”

Ashbrow School, Huddersfield

Willow Primary School, Staffordshire - Linzi Moran, School Bursar “ We have had 3 canopies from Twinfix and each time we have received excellent personal service and good value for money. ”

Willow Primary School, Staffordshire - Linzi Moran, School Bursar

St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School, Milton Keynes - Rosemarie Jones Head Teacher “ "We have had 2 canopies and 1 covered walkway installed by Twinfix. The 2 early years canopies have electric shutters which allows us to set up activities and store all our outside equipment under them at the end of the day. This saves a great deal of the staff’s time. You can also use the canopy all year round, opening and shutting the shutters when required. We love these canopies as do the children. Staff from visiting schools also always comment on how effective they are. I would highly recommend Twinfix. " ”

St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School, Milton Keynes - Rosemarie Jones Head Teacher

Torkington Primary School, Stockport - Kathryn Howard Office Manager “ "The Early Years children and staff at Torkington Primary School love the outdoor play area created by a canopy installed by Twinfix. The professional and helpful service throughout the project, from the initial advice and design process to the final installation, was excellent." ”

Torkington Primary School, Stockport - Kathryn Howard Office Manager

Lower Willingdon Pre-School Nursery, Eastbourne  - Julie Langford Nursery Manager “ Having the canopy out of the front of our Preschool building has made such a difference to our parents waiting to either bring in, or collect, their children. They have remained dry and the children safe whilst waiting. It has provided us with extra space which also enables our Breakfast and After School Clubs children to gather their possessions without knocking over their younger friends waiting to come in! It has been a great addition to our setting. ”

Lower Willingdon Pre-School Nursery, Eastbourne - Julie Langford Nursery Manager

Bowdon Church School

Bowdon Church School











The original Bowdon Church School, near Altrincham, Cheshire, just couldn’t cope with its increasing numbers of pupils and a brand new two-story building with the same footprint area as the previous school has recently been built on what was once the playing field. Charles Shorland of architects Bowker Sadler of Stockport incorporated two Twinfix canopies into the design and Twinfix worked closely in collaboration with main contractor Willmott Dixon to fulfill their part of the project.
Manufactured from rust-resistant aluminium powder coated to RAL 7037 matt Dust Grey both of these free-standing canopies were fitted with Multi-Link-Panel roofs glazed with 25mm multiwall polycarbonate. The 25mm product was specified as its complex internal ‘X’ structure helps to deaden the drumming noise sometimes heard when heavy rain falls on to thinner multiwall. The panels conform to the HSE’s recommended drop test for fragility ACR[M]001:2014 with a B designation, meaning they are classified as non-fragile. The two canopies were fitted adjacent to the Reception classrooms on one side of the building and to the Year One classrooms on the southern side.
The Willmott Dixon team prepared the canopy footings and one of the Twinfix in-house installation teams installed the canopies. Andy Slater, the Willmott Dixon Building Manager says “I’ve been delighted with the service received by Twinfix from start to finish. Their installers were brilliant!”
The project originally started out as one small canopy adjacent to the Reception classes but the school team decided at quite a late stage in the build that they wanted to enlarge this both in width and length, add on the facility to enclose part of it and also requested a similar style of canopy on the other side on the building next to their infant classes. The Twinfix team of Nick Featherstone, Sales, and Tom Bray, Project Office Manager, worked directly with architect Charles Shorland and the Willmott Dixon Building Manager Darrell Cullen to achieve the required changes within the rather short timeframe left of the build.
The result is two large canopies that provide shelter for a range of work and play activities. The Reception canopy measures 30m in total length and 3.5m in width. It consists of nine bays, each of which is 3.3m wide. The middle four bays have vertical glazing at both ends using 16mm multiwall polycarbonate to create one big space that is fitted with four electrically operated roller shutters along the front. These also have manual over-rides in case of power cuts. With the shutters down there is now a huge protected area of over 46 square metres for indoor-outdoor play for use when the weather is bad. The higher slats on the roller shutters are perforated to allow light in, with the lower slats being solid metal to prevent dirt splashing into the area when it rains. This lockable area also creates secure storage for the play equipment when the school is closed.
The Year One canopy is 3.4m deep and nearly 23.5m long. It has six bays, five of which are 3.9m wide, with the first one being slightly smaller. The middle two bays are fitted out as a secure play and storage area, similar to the other canopy.
Both structures incorporate the Twinfix aluminium rainwater system, also powder coated in RAL 7037. The downpipes of this system were specially designed so that they fit closely to the canopy posts, meaning it is difficult for small fingers to gain any purchase and are therefore discouraged from attempting to climb up said posts!
Once the old single story school is demolished pupils at Bowdon Church School will be able to access their new playing field; until then they will no doubt find their two canopies are favourite places to play and congregate whatever the weather.

Flowery Field Primary School

Flowery Field Primary School









We have recently installed over 82m of fabricated lean-to and cantilever canopies on four areas at the new Flowery Field Primary School in Hyde, Cheshire. Working for main contractor Interserve we designed, manufactured and installed canopies in widths varying from 2m up to 4m.
JM Architects requested that the 12.5m entrance canopy have a dual purpose. The first 2m element of this 2m wide cantilever canopy was glazed with 6mm solid polycarbonate to provide shelter near to the door whilst the remaining structure was left unglazed with the aluminium rafters providing a cost-effective brise soleil solution of providing shade to the adjoining rooms. This particular canopy was installed in two phases. We fitted the wall brackets at an early stage of the build and then completed the canopy installation some six months later once the final orange render had been applied to the outer walls. We had originally put forward several layouts for this canopy and the chosen design included deep rafter bars with the overall cantilever roof also being supported by seven steel tension rods.
The other three canopies were a fabricated lean-to design, either 3m or 4m wide, fitted with mono-pitched roofs. These were glazed with 25mm clear multiwall polycarbonate fixed into our Multi-Link-Panel NF, a system that conforms to the HSE’s recommended drop test, ACR[M]001:2014 with a B designation, indicating that they are classified as non-fragile. The 25mm multiwall product is ideal for use near to classrooms as its complicated internal ‘X’ structure helps to remove the ‘drumming’ sound that heavy rain can cause on thinner versions of multiwall polycarbonate. Varying in length from just short of 20m right up to nearly 30m the three canopies were sited adjacent to classrooms where they enable direct and easy access to the various playgrounds and outside areas round the school.
All the canopies were powder coated in RAL 7016 anthracite grey. The architect’s choice of colour was included in our overall price at no extra cost, as is our standard practice. Fitting was accomplished by one of our in-house installation teams, who are all CRB checked. Our own aluminium rainwater goods were also specified for the canopies. The design of the down pipe fitting means there are no convenient hand holds available for small people to be tempted to try and climb up! In order to demonstrate exactly how these would look we prepared a sample of the system for approval prior to manufacture. The fact that all the rainwater goods were powder coated in the same colour as the canopy means they blend in well and being aluminium they won’t rust in use and will have a very long life.
We are currently in discussion about a further canopy on the site. It seems that four wasn’t quite enough for the school and they are now considering another canopy run outside other classrooms!

The Gaer Primary School

The Gaer Primary School










The Early Years section of the Gaer Primary School in Newport
has recently benefited from two new additions – polycarbonate
glazed, aluminium-framed outdoor canopies designed,
manufactured and installed by us. Both 3 metres deep one has a
21.5 metre run while the other, which has a 10 metre run, includes
a shallow section over an entrance door. They are proving to be
invaluable playing and learning spaces for the children – enabling
them to enjoy being outside whatever the weather.
Aluminium is an ideal choice for a school canopy as it will keep
its good looks for years to come. These structures were powder
coated in satin finish RAL9910 white and were glazed with tough
25mm clear multiwall polycarbonate glazed into our Multi-Link
roof glazing panels. These are classified as Non-Fragile to the
recommended ACR[M]001:2014 drop test. Matching Twinfix
aluminium rainwater goods were fitted to both canopies. These
include downpipes that are close fitted to the supporting
columns, making it virtually impossible for active children to
climb up them!
Working with BAM Construction Ltd and liaising with the NPS
Architect we installed the canopies in two phases. So pleased
was everyone with the results that we are now fitting a further 30
metre long canopy adjacent to the new ASD building on site.

Lancaster Road Primary School

Lancaster Road Primary School










A 36 metre long mono-pitched Twinfix canopy installed at
Lancaster Road Primary School in Morecambe has added
considerably to the education of their 90 reception children. The
canopy is adjacent to the classrooms, thus ensuring easy freeflow
of indoor/outdoor provision.
Once the canopy was installed the school applied for and gained
a Lottery grant that enabled Susie Hill, the Foundation Stage
Manager, to equip the area under and around the canopy. She
organised the 136 sq metre covered space into dedicated
zones for such topics as phonics, reading and small world, with
complementary playground areas alongside each section. There
is also a covered wooden sandpit, a big tank of tadpoles that
the children can watch growing into frogs, boot stands to hold
outdoor shoes, and lots of other interesting, colourful items to
help stimulate small children and help in their learning, language
and communication skills.
Susie says “We use the canopy all day, every day. We have three
reception classes and there are always children outside. Each
class has a set of their own distinctly coloured tabards so the
number of children can be monitored and the teachers will also
note their activities and help direct them where necessary. Our
early years’ children use it for lots of different activities and as
teachers it’s provided us with a large additional learning/playing
space that we’ve found invaluable. It’s also ideal for parents to
wait under when delivering and collecting their children.”
Working for Lancashire County Council and Main Contractor
Conlon Construction who were undertaking other work on the
school site, Twinfix provided Headteacher Paul Gabriel with a
computer generated visual of how the finished canopy might
look. This graphic enabled everyone to see the full extent of the
proposed canopy and gave the staff an ideal opportunity to put
forward their own ideas. They decided to change the original
design slightly and the finished canopy has a straight roof line
right along its front length.
Twinfix manufactured the canopy with an aluminium frame
powder coated green and consists of rear-mounted bracket
supports fixed to the building with 12 front posts that are
fitted with padded protectors for safety. The roof comprises
our Multi-Link-Panels NF glazed with tough 25mm clear
multiwall polycarbonate. These panels are Non-Fragile to the
ACR[M]001:2014 drop test. Twinfix aluminium rainwater goods
were also installed. One end of the canopy that is now used as
a Reading Area is glazed with a 6mm solid clear polycabonate
screen that helps provide protection from the weather

Lancaster Road Primary School was first established in 1932 and
many of its classrooms then opened directly to the outside. This
was state of the art design at that time that enabled children
to have plenty of fresh air which was thought to be beneficial
in avoiding illness. Nowadays children are still encouraged to
enjoy the benefits of being outside and the reception classes
are certainly making the most of their opportunities for outdoor
learning through play.
One of their more famous former pupils is comedian Eric
Morecambe whose photo is proudly displayed near to the school
trophy cabinet. The new reception playground includes a small
stage for the children to use – I suspect that Eric would approve!

Manchester Schools Case Study

Manchester Schools Case Study

We are delighted to have been involved in a recent project that saw ISG deliver a phased programme of new and refurbished primary school facilities across Greater Manchester. The aim of the project was to meet demands of the increasing student population across the region. 

Working alongside Premier Modular, we designed, manufactured and installed 17 canopies at 7 schools in the city. Twinfix originally designed and installed four canopies at St Margaret’s Primary School, which led to us being invited back to assist with phase 2 of the project and installing canopies at a further six sites, including Lily Lane Primary School, Moston; Webster Primary School, Moss Side; Ringway Primary School, Wythenshawe and Beaver Road Primary School, Didsbury.

All our canopies hold the CE mark of safety, were installed by our team of DBS checked installers and are manufactured close by at our factory in Warrington. The roofs comprise of our Multi-Link-Panels NF, glazed with tough 25mm clear multiwall polycarbonate. These panels are Non-Fragile to the ACR[M]001:2014 drop test. The aluminium frames were powder coated to match the school exteriors.

Using aluminium for the framework is our material of choice as it is such a versatile product. It can be formed into many shapes, it is relatively light in weight – making it easier and safer to handle and install. 

Aluminium is a great choice for a school canopy as it doesn’t rust in use and will stand up to the test of time – and children!

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