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Airmaster Applied Solutions

Airmaster Applied Solutions

Contact: David Bradbury Tel: 01483 771910 Email: Website:

SAV Systems
Scandia House
Boundary Road
Surrey GU21 5BX

AirMaster heat recovery ventilation units are easy to install and have minimal ducting requirements. Installation time per unit is approximately 3 1/2 hours. All units are very quiet. Casing breakout noise is only 35dB(A) at 1m, with attenuation through the unit of 49dB; this means that AirMaster units need no additional attenuation and are well suited to sites close to noise sources.

Demand control can be arranged either by CO2 sensor, PIR or humidistat. Air throughput is only what is required by actual occupancy, thus enabling energy savings as well as consistently good indoor air quality.

AirMaster units help to keep accurate control of room temperature, by a combination of automatic bypass (when temperature goes high), fan differential speed (room temperature low), night cooling (for heat waves)and auxiliary cooling modules(for consistently high external temperatures). Between all these, a solution can be found to any overheating problem.

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