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Modular Buildings Lead the Way for Offsite

28th Feb 2018
How do manufacturers and installers of volumetric offsite construction ensure sustainability and compliance when the key priority is time? Jackie Maginnis, CEO of the Modular & Portable Building Association, shows how the industry has been leading the way longer than you think.
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Modular Building Sector Launches its own NVQ

20th Feb 2018
A new workplace based qualification has been developed by the Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA), to ensure that future demand for skilled professionals in the sector is addressed.
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Helping hospitals overcome increased demand in the UK

18th Aug 2017
Temporary or modular buildings are proving to be the healthy choice for hospitals looking to quickly overcome problems relating to peak-time demand. With the help of Jackie Maginnis, of the Modular Portable Building Association, Health Business explains why.
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Modular buildings - helping increased demand in all sectors

18th Aug 2017
The popularity of modular buildings are now firmly in evidence for many sectors in the UK
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MPBA training provides route to CSCS cards with new upskilling NVQ Level 2

29th Mar 2017
By JACKIE MAGINNIS of The Modular & Portable Building Association
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Building schools with a need for speed approach

6th Jul 2016
With pupil numbers on the increase and school places more contested, Jackie Maginnis, of the Modular Portable Building Assoiciation, looks at the fast capacity that modular buildings hold to construct more than just basic classrooms.
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Innovative modular building solutions for the education sector

24th Feb 2016
Given the steady rise in pupil numbers and the pressures this puts on schools to offer places, Jackie Maginnis of the Modular and Portable Building Association discusses the benefits of modular and offsite build as a possible solution to the ongoing problem.
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30th Mar 2015
Hospitals are struggling with high patient demand and a severe lack of bed space. The MPBA’s Jackie Maginnis examines how the modular and portable building industry can help the situation
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The modular approach - Offsite Special

1st Oct 2014
Modular approach
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The pop-up hospital trend

4th Aug 2014
Many hospitals are adding modular buildings to their sites to see them through the peaks and troughs in demand for services, writes Jackie Maginnis from the Modular and Portable Building Association.
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Taking away the construction headache

8th May 2014
The use of modular construction radically reduces both disruption to teaching and time on-site, both which are essential factors when schools have an urgent need for additional school places It has been estimated that more than 250,000 new school places will have to be created nationally by 2014/15, which will put pressure on existing education facilities across the country. With this urgent requi...
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State of the art buildings for future generations

20th Feb 2014
The modular and portable building industry still continues to grow, from strength to strength in particular the education sector. Even in these uncertain times, one thing we can be certain about is that our industry as ever will be keeping up with the requirements that provide buildings that meet the criteria of which we are all aware.
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Modular Buildings Methods continue to benefit all sectors

20th Nov 2013
With the continuing pressure all industry experiences today with the standards and regulation the Modular Industry has risen to the challenge.
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The merits of modular building methods

25th Oct 2013
With schools up and down the country under pressure to provide extra pupil places, Jackie Maginnis from the MPBA explores how modular buildings can be the solution that the sector is searching for.
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Modular Buildings Methods continue to benefit schools

10th Apr 2013
With the continuing pressure that the education sector experiences today the Modular Industry are able to produce buildings that provide a service. With their experience and knowledge, companies are able to provide modern comfortable and functional facilities that are much needed in this difficult climate. Buildings that are supplied today need not look like’ boxes’ or the old image of...
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MODULAR BUILDINGS - Design and build from the Modular Industry Sector

10th Feb 2013
Education like many other sectors of construction today will be looking to resolve their future requirements in the most efficient and cost effect option as possible.Looking for more efficient ways of delivering a project on time, improving quality and measuring carbon omissions, reduction of waste on site coupled with reducing unnecessary labour costs. These can all be achieved with modules built...
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Modular school buildings get inbuilt flexibility

10th Dec 2011
With their knowledge and experience, modular suppliers are well positioned to provide modern, comfortable and functional facilities to an education sector that continues to feel the pinch.
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Modular Building Compliance Scheme Meets the Challenges of Part L 2010

30th Nov 2011
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Off-Site Ticks all the Boxes

31st Oct 2011
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Off-Site Construction Benefits Health Sector

20th Oct 2011
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Modular Buildings Meet Modern Construction Needs

13th Jan 2011
Today’s modular buildings are made of the highest specification materials that comply with the new building regulations, writes Jackie Maginnis, chief executive of the Modular & Portable Building Association
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Rise of Recycled Buildings

13th Oct 2010
As budget cuts begin to bite, local authorities are looking for every way possible to save money on build and construction costs. Laura Sharman finds out why recycled modular buildings may offer a cost-effective solution, but should be specified carefully.
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Modern Methods

10th May 2010
The Modular & Portable Building Industry, still continues to grow, from strength to strength. Even in these uncertain times, one thing we can be certain about is that our industry as ever will be keeping up with the requirements to provide buildings that meet the criteria of which we are all aware: Sustainability Embodied Energy Reduction in Waste Reduction of Carbon Omissions The original c...
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Modular Benefits

1st May 2010
We are all aware of the proposed new Part L Building Regulations that are due to come into force as of October 2010. As an industry modular buildings are now increasing more and more in the Education sector for a variety of reasons. Prefabricated buildings as they were known historically (and still so in many people's eyes) have not always enjoyed good press in the past. More often than not they h...
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UK Plant Guide 2010 - Temporary Buildings Contribute to the Construction Market

8th Apr 2010
Over 70 years ago the requirement for site accommodation became more in demand, the Modular & Portable Industry has grown and prospered during that time In many cases our products are first on site and last to be removed.
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The Case for Modular Buildings

5th Apr 2010
Relocatable modular buildings are the most environmentally-friendly method of construction. Generating less than 10 per cent of the carbon omissions of traditional construction and using less than 3 per cent of the energy during the build phase, modular construction has been at the forefront of sustainable building regulations. The MPBA has been involved in the consultation for the upcoming Part L...
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Custodial Suites - Modular moves to a new market sector

2nd Apr 2010
Jackie Maginnis Chief Executive of the MPBA (Modular & Portable Building Association) is delighted to see that once again modular buildings are fulfilling a specific need. Historically custodial suites have been supplied by traditional buildings, not so today.
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A Call to Arms

12th Feb 2010
Jackie Maginnis, Chief Executive of the Modular & Portable Building Association is a firm believer that modular buildings meet all the required criteria to be a successful and truly modern method of construction. Here she provides a brief guide to what you should be looking for in your prefab structure.
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Modular Buildings Meet the Criteria

12th Jan 2010
Chief Executive of the MPBA, Jackie Maginnis, discusses the importance of Modular and Portable Buildings in the 21st-Century.
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Buildings for the Future

23rd Apr 2009
Article by Jackie Maginnis, published in Health Business magazine online
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Green Issues and Modular Buildings

15th Apr 2009
'Off Site Construction', 'Build Off site', 'sustainability', and 'renewable energy' are all fashionable buzz key words that seem to be everywhere we go today. Not for the modular and portable building industry, though, these are all familiar phrases that we have been using for many years; buildings produced in these modern times tick all the boxes. The original concept was basic, cheap and cheerfu...
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Building Solutions

3rd Apr 2008
Originally seen as a temporary solution, the modular and portable building industry has evolved to offer high quality and reliable constructions to rival permanent buildings.
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Modular & Portable Buildings Move On

3rd Apr 2008
Progress throughout the last 60 years has been considerable with buildings of all sizes and uses now being manufactured and installed. Hotels, hospitals, schools, offices and even prisons to name just a few applications, the industry has come a long way since the war years.
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