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Foremans Launches Ground-Breaking Customer Charter

posted: 3rd Nov 2011

Foremans launches ground-breaking customer charter and assurance for delivering every project on time - an industry first.

Foremans Customer CharterForemans Relocatable Building Systems, the UK’s largest supplier of recycled and refurbished modular buildings, has launched a ground-breaking Customer Charter which it believes is an industry first.

The new Charter provides an assurance that every building purchased from Foremans will be delivered on time and ready for beneficial occupation. However, in the unlikely event that the agreed completion date is not achieved, Foremans will now refund 1 per cent of the contract value for every week a project is delayed*. This commitment is believed to be a first for the construction sector.

Commenting on this pioneering initiative, Mike Williams, Managing Director of Foremans, said “Companies across the industry claim to offer quality products and services, but we wanted to go a step further by giving our customers even greater peace of mind. We believe our new Customer Charter commitment will set a benchmark in the modular building sector – and indeed across the construction industry, and is further evidence of our confidence that every Foremans building will be delivered consistently on programme, on budget and to the highest standards.”

Analysis of Foremans’ performance over the last three years has shown that it has successfully completed 99 per cent of its projects on time and on cost.

This performance is in sharp contrast to new industry figures released by Constructing Excellence which have shown that just 63 per cent of projects delivered in the past year were on budget, and only 45 per cent were completed on programme (source: UK Industry Performance Report 2011, Constructing Excellence/Glenigan).

Foremans scored 94 per cent for service and building quality in its last 200 customer satisfaction surveys, and 100 per cent of its customers said they would recommend Foremans buildings. More than 80 per cent of Foremans’ business is also from past customers – another significant endorsement of its outstanding customer service and accommodation solutions.

Every Foremans building is fully refurbished off site at one of its two production centres. Only the steel structure of the building is recycled, adding even more value to the pre-owned modular approach and reducing programme times by up to 70 per cent compared to new build and new manufacture.

The buildings are reconfigured to exact project requirements and specification, and fitted with new windows, external cladding, wall linings, partitions, M&E services, doors and flooring, creating high quality accommodation for a range of permanent and interim uses.

Foremans building solutions also meet the requirements of the revised Building Regulations Part L2A 2010 (England and Wales) and Section 6 2010 (Scotland).


  1. *Up to a maximum of 5 weeks. For projects where Foremans’ contract value is in excess of £500,000, Foremans will refund a full £5,000 for every week late, up to a maximum of £25,000. Other contract terms apply.
  2. Recycling and refurbishing modular buildings is a highly sustainable alternative to new build:
    • Pre-owned modular buildings generate less than 10 per cent of the carbon emissions compared to a newly manufactured building of equivalent size (source: CO2 Emissions from Use, Scrapping and Manufacture of Modular Buildings, Modular and Portable Building Association)
    • Using a recycled building structure, Foremans achieves consistently high test results for air tightness. This is because of how the modular buildings are enhanced with the installation of new cladding, window systems with high U values, high frequency lighting and all new M&E services
    • Relocating and re-using modular buildings is a highly sustainable alternative to the demolition and disposal of buildings in landfill sites, which has significant environmental implications
    • Because much of the refurbishment work takes place off site, the Foremans approach generates fewer vehicle movements to site than traditional new build.
  3. Foremans offers a full range of construction services for its bespoke buildings, including planning advice and submissions, Building Regulations approvals, funding options, and all aspects of the building design, space planning, project management, ground works, fitting out, delivery, site installation, testing and commissioning.