Modular Matters conference & exhibition - 30/10/2018

Modular Matters Conference & Exhibition 2018

The launch of Modular Matters has generated phenomenal interest – this is clearly the event that the construction industry has been waiting for. Even before all the speakers were published, there was a demand for tickets and requests for exhibition places. So as the speaker line-up is formally announced, we have to ask why there is a heightened interest in volumetric modular construction?

There is an escalating demand for the construction industry to provide better value by improved quality and performance. The 1998 DETR Egan Report ‘Rethinking Construction’ called for a culture of co-operation and greater innovation in procurement, design and construction, leading to demonstrable savings and benefits to the client, the contractor and to society in general.

Modular construction uses pre-engineered volumetric units that are installed on site as fitted-out and serviced ‘building blocks’. The use of modular construction is directly influenced by the client’s requirements for speed of construction, quality, added benefits of economy of scale, as well as single point procurement. These benefits may be quantified in a holistic assessment of the costs and value of modular construction in relation to more traditional alternatives.

In a rapidly changing environment, both clients and the supply chain are increasingly looking to improve performance and reduce or hopefully, eliminate conflict and disputes through a teamwork approach – modular construction has been hailed as the solution.

So, in the interests of peace, harmony and increased productivity – you may be interested in attending the Modular Matters conference and exhibition which will be taking place at the NEC, Birmingham on 30 October 2018. For more information on the event, speakers and to book go to

Speakers include

  • Rory Bergin - HTA Design LLP
  • Michael Hough - MJH Structural Engineers
  • Michael Swiszczowski - Chapman Taylor
  • Michael Crane - CIMC
  • Ben Drake - Peter Dann Consulting Engineers
  • James Walsh - Studio Anyo
  • Patrick Hayes - Meinhardt UK
  • Stuart Marshall - Elements Europe
  • Nigel Banks - ilke Homes
  • John Bedford - CHIC
  • Ian Astley - Premier Modular
  • Andy Smith - Caledonian Modular
  • David Speight - EDF Energy
  • Mark Hargreaves - DLA Design
  • Emily King - Portakabin
  • David Clark - McAvoy Group
  • Joanne Booth - Lucideon
  • Darren Richards - Cogent Consulting
  • Andy King - Wernick Modular Buildings
  • Derek Thomson - Loughborough University