Please note that with effect from 6th April 2014 New Part L Building Regulations apply. This page links to the new Generic EPC Scheme calculations which will be availble FREE OF CHARGE to MPBA Members.

Should you have any issues please contact the MPBA

The stringent requirements for EPC’s continues for the modular building industry to ensure compliance with the energy efficiency directive within Part L -ADL2 of the Building Regulations.

The new MPBA Generic EPC Scheme is now FREE to members of the MPBA included within annual membership fees.

Documents are now electronically available to download (or store). For more information on how to join the scheme please visit 

The new Modular and Portable Building Part L 2013 Compliance Guide V2.1 is available for download.

MPBA - EPC portal Modular and Portable Building Part L 2013 Building Control Compliance Guidance


MPBA Members please note that other important downloads are available for subscribed  members of the MPBA  - to access these documents Members will need to login into their Members Area.

Please click here if you have forgotten your Login Details.

For NON- MEMBERS of the MPBA who are unable to use this scheme we have  downloads on this page which demonstrates an example of the important forms including the energy performance certificates that are generated from the MPBA EPC portal. 

Members electronically receive the following:

Letter confirming that as a member of the MPBA your company is fully authorised to issue generic energy performance certificates from April 6 2014 until September 31st 2016, unless membership is terminated. 

  • Energy Performance Certificates.
  • BRUKL Output document.
  • Illustrative EPC rating (voluntary issue - not a legal requirement).
  • Guidance to the use of Generic Certification Scheme provided by the MPBA-EPC Accreditation Scheme.

Members can also use this portal as a folder/file to maintain all their records on documentation relating to EPC’s produced.

All details are confidential and only accessible by the individual companies –records are not visual to MPBA or serving committee members.

If you would like more information please email Jackie Maginnis at



pdf file 1995 EDU-200-N 5.2.b epc.pdf secured
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pdf file Generic Certificate - Sample.pdf secured
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pdf file Guide to Generic Certification 2013.pdf secured
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pdf file MPBA-EPC Member Letter of Authority - Sample.pdf secured
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