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Eco-BriteĀ® Reflective Membrane - Ideal for prefabricated buildings

posted: 1st Aug 2011

Apollo’s Eco-Brite® is a cost-effective, two sided heat reflecting membrane for use within the fabric of prefabricated domestic and commercial building components including portable and modular structures. Eco-Brite is engineered to reflect over 95% of radiant energy, enhancing U-values whilst simultaneously helping create air-tight structures.

The Eco-Brite® membrane at 135 microns thick is a composite laminate of aluminium foil, a tough polyethylene film and metallised polyester film. The outer reflective surfaces are protected with a proprietary coating which ensures their reflectivity for many years. Eco-Brite® holds BBA Certification, and fire certificates BS476 to Part 6 and Part 7.

The BRE has independently tested Eco-Brite®, and concludes it will save up to 23kg of CO2 per square meter per annum.

Apollo can provide heat calculations for your specific structure incorporating Eco-Brite® in the design. Please contact us using the details below.

Apollo’s HRMs R Values

Using an emissivity value of 0.05, the thermal
resistance (m2KW–1) of the products is shown below.

Element of Structure Thermal Resistance Values of The Products With A Minimum Air Space of 25mm on one side
Ceiling Upwards heat flow 0.45 m2K/W
45 Degree Pitched Roof Upwards heat flow 0.51 m2K/W
Wall Horizontal heat flow 0.67 m2K/W
Floor Downward heat flow 0.80 m2K/W