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Custodial Suites - Modular moves to a new market sector

posted: 2nd Apr 2010

Jackie Maginnis Chief Executive of the MPBA (Modular & Portable Building Association) is delighted to see that once again modular buildings are fulfilling a specific need. Historically custodial suites have been supplied by traditional buildings, not so today.

Some 25 years ago when Jackie was introduced into the business from the plant hire sector, little did she know then that this career move would not only pay the bills but would, and still is a passion that stays with her today.

When asked in 1985 what can you use these type of buildings for, in her ignorance and to hide the fact she did not have any ideas about the product, she responded to customers ' you let us know what you want built and we will build it'.

Never a true word was spoken today Modular Building manufacturers an industry in excess of billions, has given opportunities to build anything that clients want. With the present day methods of construction that are used in the factories today the industry will where possible build to the customers requirements.

Modular buildings have proven themselves time and time again with the flexibility of size and layouts and in this ever demanding requirements for sustainability, green issues and waste reduction. We are all aware that once again we are about to be subjected to new building regulations. Whilst there is always a concern with changes as an industry we believe that with the skills and knowledge that we have developed over the years this should not prove such a great hindrance or issue to our sector against traditional construction methods. Over the years manufacturers have when designing buildings always had to consider the future, as buildings can last for many years with the correct maintenance.

To an industry that has been about for some 70years we now feel that at last there is a realisation that modular buildings are now an accepted alternative to traditional buildings. We do however suffer from frustration at the lack of knowledge with purchasing/procurement departments who are under the impression that the only way large complex buildings can be ordered delivered and installed is through tendering or main contractor route.

This is not the case!!!

With the experience that we have in our industry manufacturers and companies that are specialist suppliers know more about the specification that would be required to suit a specific building than the clients, eg: - Custody Suite, Hospitals and Schools to name a few applications.

Most companies now have either a dedicated construction division to deal with groundwork's and installation or alternatively work alongside bespoke companies who undertake this and the mechanical service elements.

Modular businesses and associates have been undertaking this type of work for many years which again eliminates the need to involve construction companies. How many people one wonders realise that when using a main contractor that this inflates the cost of buildings? End users should take time out to look at the alternatives within our specialist industry and talk to the companies that are dealing with this type of buildings on a daily basis.

We know from experience that buildings that are sold in many cases are costing more than necessary with the clients not purchasing direct from manufacturers. Logic tell us that there will always be add on costs such, ie management fees and at times costs incurred due to payment periods imposed by contractors. This can all be avoided by direct purchasing - worth some thought?

The words from the industry - 'Come direct, save time and money'

If in doubt The Modular & Portable Buildings Association is the independent body that is funded by its members and is only a phone call away. We have personnel who have literally years of experience who are on hand to advise or answer questions. If we are not sure of the answer we will always know someone who can tell us.

As the recognised Trade Association the MPBA (Modular & Portable Building Association Limited) clients can feel confident that all standards and requirements are met. The association helps the members to ensure that Health & Safety and Technical issues are not a problem. A good example since the 2006 Building Regulations we have been able to work alongside the government to achieve both technical and financial aspects that effect us all.

Article Written by Jackie Maginnis MPBA for www.custodialreview.co.uk