COVID-19 Update

The MPBA would like to let members know that the Association is still operating as normal to support the Industry at this difficult time. You can contact the Association on the landline 01686 430400 or via this website.

We are here to discuss, advise and support actions as best as possible. If there are issues that we are unable to assist with, we will endeavour to source others that can.

Ongoing Activity

We are working with the Government on all Building Regulation consultations that are ongoing to protect the future of our industry; this is being undertaken via video links and phone conferences.

MPBA Business Shield

For Employment Law advice relating to business continuity and mitigation situations, that I am sure will impact all, we would remind members that they have access to the MPBA Business Shield as part of their membership where H&S and Employment Law advice is free, so please use it:

Learning Hub

If you have staff that have ECS Cards with training in place, at present this is being reviewed course by course, we are working with members individually on this to reschedule when possible.

MPBA ECS/JIB Cards have already advised of the extensions in place and we continue to monitor this on your behalf. Companies that have MPBA printed certificates for this training, a system is in place to get stocks to you at present.

Any companies with staff undergoing NVQ Assessments at this time will continue as practical as possible, without site visits until it is possible to resume them. We are working on a number of remote learning solutions to enhance this.

E mails will be limited as we assume like us there is a constant flow coming in. We have set up this page where we will upload any information that we feel may be of use to you.

posted : 28th March 2020