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Challenging the misconceptions of modular build

posted: 16th Oct 2019

Hudson Quarter, York

The use of volumetric modular buildings is steadily on the rise, with more companies choosing modular buildings as their choice of Modern Method of Construction.

Modular buildings provide more versatility, flexibility, speed and minimal disruption to a site. However, there are still some commonly held misconceptions. Matthew Goff, managing director at Thurston Group challenges the top five misconceptions of modular build.

  1. Modular buildings will disrupt work productivity

    It’s quite the contrary. Modular construction can reduce construction time by up to 50%, which in turn, minimises disruption on site. The majority of the manufacturing process is carried out offsite, from building all the components, right through to the bulk of the assembly.

  2. They are not built to last

    Modular buildings follow the same set of regulations as traditional construction and therefore need to meet the same standards of quality and structural integrity. The average life span of a modular build is around 20 to 30 years, so they are definitely built to last.

  3. They all look the same

    As modular buildings have evolved over time, they are able to offer more customisation than ever before. From interior and exterior design to layout, insulation and cladding, modular buildings can now be manufactured to exact specifications.

  4. Modular buildings are not sustainable

    Sustainability is a hot topic in the industry and companies are constantly looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Modular buildings deliver a much more sustainable solution than traditional build as the majority of work is done offsite and kept in a controlled environment, thus reducing onsite waste and carbon emissions in the process. Additionally, buildings can be re-used for another project after use due to their longevity.

  5. Modular buildings are architecturally boring

    Whilst some companies may require a more traditional looking modular build, we appreciate this isn’t the case for every customer. Modular buildings can offer creativity and versatility in line with customers’ needs. From timber clad to pitched roofs and customised colours, modular buildings are becoming more aesthetically appealing to meet market demand.

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