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Buildings for the Future

posted: 23rd Apr 2009

When redeveloping and rebuilding, modular buildings can be a temporary choice that become a permanent feature.

Prefabricated buildings have not always enjoyed good press in the past. More often than not they have attracted or been associated with controversy. Considered by many to be a poor substitute for the 'real thing' before they arrive – this has also been compounded by local authorities and NHS Trusts choosing the most basic models anticipating a trouble free building for the rest of its life. Our industry has proven the sceptics wrong, for many years now we have been providing temporary healthcare buildings that have remained as a permanent feature.

Today's Modular Buildings

Modern methods of construction make it difficult to identify if the building is modular or traditional. Today they can be stylish, secure, economical to heat and maintain, and above all flexible in their use. All buildings produced today have to comply with the current regulations and as an industry our members are always looking to improve the buildings and energy performance.

The current trend of offsite construction is not new to the manufacturers and hirers of modular buildings. For some 20 years plus the industry has been filling the need for additional facilities throughout the UK.

Buildings can be bespoke to suit individual requirements or standard whatever suits the client and budget. All buildings fully comply with the required building regulation and are carefully planned by specialist personnel who have many years experience in this type of facility.

Soundproofing was an issue for many years, but with the new modern materials used this has now been overcome. The same principle applies to heating and lighting.

NHS Trust specifiers are increasingly turning to factory built, modular construction for developing existing as well as green-field hospital sites. Not only can great savings be made in construction costs and site development times reduced, but the steel framed buildings look just as pleasing and are equally as robust as those that are built using traditional building techniques.

Using Space Efficiently

With the limited space available, which is usual at hospital facilities, the advantage of modular buildings gives clients the opportunities of making use of every space available. It is worth remembering that with modular building groundworks and production can be taking place at the same time.

Many temporary healthcare facilities are required today and as an industry we have designed suitable buildings that work. The Modular & Portable Building Industry has many companies that will be able to meet the needs of the project and will perform to a high standard of service and reliability. Most suppliers of this type of building hold a fleet of equipment, which again makes them more instantly available, particularly in an emergency.

Article by Jackie Maginnis, published in Health Business magazine online www.healthbusinessuk.com