All Wernick Hire Depots Now Considerate Constructor Supplier Registered

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15th Jun 2017


Having previously been the first supplier to register to the Considerate Constructors Registered Supplier Membership Scheme, Wernick Hire has now registered every depot in its nationwide network as Considerate Constructor Suppliers.  


Introduced in June 2014 in recognition of the critical contribution suppliers make to the construction industry, Supplier Registration is for companies that provide goods and materials to the construction industry.


By signing up to the scheme, Wernick Hire pledges that every depot will adhere to the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice. The Code requires registered sites, companies and suppliers to care about the appearance of their sites, respect the local community in the areas they work in, protect the environment, secure the safety of their workforce, site visitors and the public and to value their workforce by creating a supportive and caring work environment.


With over 80,000 sites, suppliers and companies monitored by the scheme, the Wernick Hire depots will be in good company as part of Considerate Constructors.



Deputy MD of Wernick Hire, Jonathan Wernick told us; “When the Registered Suppliers scheme was first announced, Wernick Hire was pleased to be the first supplier to join Considerate Constructors in their new endeavour. Having piloted the scheme at a number of Depots, and seeing its success we decided to roll out our supplier registration to every Wernick Hire depot. We look forward to working closely with Considerate Constructors, and playing our part in helping to improve the image of the Construction Industry.”  


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